Global Trade & Communication


At Global Trade & Communication, we have only one passion: Helping our clients successfully establish and grow their business in the United States. Based in Seattle, Washington, the home of Amazon, Inc., we leverage our deep experience and well-established relationships to give our clients the edge to succeed in the highly competitive US markets.

Global Trade & Communication is a full-service management company that:

  • Provides foreign exporters end-to-end consulting and management services to give them access to the United States market at a fraction of the cost of going at it alone,
  • Works in partnership with Amazon to allow foreign exporters to establish a successful presence in the most popular e-commerce platform in the world,
  • Works with Amazon and other partners to provide first-class logistics, fulfillment, payment processing and customer support services to both foreign and domestic sellers,
  • Utilizes in-depth market know-how and sophisticated analysis tools to develop customized marketing strategies for each consumer segment and product line.

What makes Global Trade & Communication different?

  • Strong connections and partnerships already in place to create value and brand recognition for companies that are driven to expand into the US market,
  • Highly experienced management team with complementary skills,
  • Proven methodology that make use of our strong knowledge base and project management tools,
  • Step-by-step process which allows us to identify and advance with viable opportunities efficiently.